Sunday, October 28, 2012


Hopefully my PM&R doctor says that it will be okay for our son to come home by Wednesday! I'm so excited, this (extended) weekend went very well. At least, to me it went very well. Our son toddles because he is a toddler and it's expected that he will lose his balance, trip or slip and fall. Also, it's expected that he'll fall and sometimes will not catch himself so that his head doesn't smack hard in to something. However, my husband is not comfortable with that, apparently I am supposed to catch our son every single time he's about to knock his little head (which I understand, but it is not always possible). It is also not possible to "catch him before he cracks his head on something" when he's laying on the floor and out of nowhere decides to smack his skull on the ground. He just looks around and then "Oh! Let me just smack my head right here on the floor!", then BOOM! Argh, it's frustrating when he does that, but it's unpredictable and not preventable!

Today, before he went back to my aunts I styled his hair into a mohawk! So cute and his hair is long enough for it! Although I feel bad because I had to use hair styling products; hair spray and moose. I told my aunt it would probably be a good idea to wash his hair out soon because his scalp will get itchy and irritated. I took a few pictures of him with his hair all done up, what a little chunky monkey he is!

Well, I'm hoping that we'll be able to bring him home, I miss him so much it is unbelievable.


  1. Kids are kids. They fall and get hurt.

    DD fell in the parking lot walking to our car a few months ago. She caught herself with her hands, but afterwards she just let her head drop on the cement. Scraped herself up pretty good.

    She was fine less than a minute later. your DH will ease up the more he is around DS. *hugs*

  2. Thank you :) I hope he will, too, he'll probably be easier about this after I see my OT and PM&R doctor though.