Friday, October 12, 2012

PM&R Doctor

Another weekend with our son!!!

I get to see my PM&R doctor on Monday, she will tell me then what her medical decision is about bringing him back home again. I'm so excited!!! My OT told me last week that we don't need to meet again until after I see my PM&R doctor, so I'll see her on the 30th. No big deal though, she's just as comfortable as I am about bringing him home. This is great. I can't wait to see my PM&R doctor about this, hopefully she says that this can happen.

It's only been 2 weekends so far that we've had him home from Friday until Sunday. I've already gotten into the habit and pattern of rocking him to sleep, then laying him on a pillow. For night sleep, I lay him in his crib, he does so well. Usually he wakes up a few times during the night, I'm sure that's because he's not used to our home like he was before my accident. He will definitely get used to our home once again, perhaps it will take awhile but that is okay. I know it will be rough for his little self, I feel a bit guilt about it, but this whole thing happening in the first place was not even my fault.

I haven't been experiencing many affects from my TBI lately. I know that I ran out of Amantadine about two weeks ago and hadn't picked it up until Wednesday. My fatigue has increased slightly but not too bad. Other than that, I haven't noticed any big changes. Like usual, I have word finding problems, slight memory problems and a bit of confusion, but that was even while I was still taking Amantadine. The other thing that I'm going to be out of before seeing my psychiatrist is Effexor. I'm a little bit worried about that, it is never safe to stop anti-anxiety/antidepressant medication cold-turkey. Also, the last day that I think I forgot to take Effexor, I ended up going to sleep with significant anxiety attack-like feelings. The anxiety wasn't too bad, but it felt like I couldn't catch my breath, like I was breathing hard due to a long run, or something.

Anyway, the medication itself is no big deal. I'm excited to be seeing my PM&R doctor on Monday and hearing her decision. This is going to be a fun week. Maybe we'll get our son back by Friday?!

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