Monday, October 15, 2012

Need Sleep!

So I have appointments today. Seeing as it's now 2:30AM and the hospital transportation will be picking me up between 7AM and 9AM, I can't say "tomorrow"--it's today already! My insomnia is agrivating me, I'm going to have to discuss this with my doctor today, as well. I can't go through this recovery process without sleep, that would be counterproductive.

We had our son from Friday evening until yesterday afternoon. It was an awesome visit, we didn't go anywhere except to the movie/game exchange to sell some videos (for laundry money). Kind of sad, right? I don't think anyone really understands the appreciation a person or family can have for government assistance and charity, unless they are just barely scraping by the skin of their teeth.

I don't think a person can really understand that appreciation until and unless they are in dire straits with no other options to turn to. I've even heard and read people express the asinine notion that you have to "just get a job"--not everyone has that choice. Some people can't work, some people are employed at a very low pay rate, or with less than accomidating hours. Anyone who has the ability can work, though it's usually at minimum wage and not usually more than 35 hours a week. I've not met one person making minimum wage, working 35 hours or less a week, be able to afford enough to care for more than just themself. Granted, working two minimum wage jobs for 70 hours or less a week, sure one could afford a little bit more. I just can't see that one person with that pay and those hours affording themself and one other person, on their own. Anyway, in our situation I cannot work for medical reasons. My husband is working full time, a slight bit over minimum wage, but not much more. He can't work anymore hours than what he is working, he's not healthy enough for that. He's been ill for over a year and the doctors refuse to take any extra steps to diagnose him! They listen to his symptoms then...Nothing! We're both so very angry, it's ridiculous how long it's been and he's fifty times worse now than he was last year in June.

Bah! There is so much I want to type out and it's like I've forgotten most of it. On a happy note, one can tell that I'm getting better just by the progression of my posts. I went through them tonight to change some things around (names and vernacular) and noticed that my posts are getting longer, in congruence with how much better I feel. When I went through to change some minor things, it was because I noticed a particular detail that needed to be altered--for my safety and sanity, I haven't altered the truth and facts in my posts, just names. Well, I haven't been using names since starting the blog, however I noticed a particular that screamed "The zombies are coming!!!" and I don't like zombies. Whoever has read my blog and kept up with me, if you go back, you'll noticed the "significant" detail change. (Again, I really do appreciate you keeping up with me and the support)

Well, I'm hoping to get our son back home with us by the end of tomorrow or at the very latest, Friday. Either way, I think that's all I planned to write out, but if I remember anything else I'll post again. Have a great day, readers!

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