Friday, October 26, 2012

Effexor Withdrawal

We have our son today. Today is Thursday (well at least for the next 5 minutes) and he came here at about 1pm. I'm so happy, he's an awesome kid. Also, he's not completely walking well on his own. He still toddles and stumbles, but it's cute. I noticed that he cries more when he falls and bumps his head, which is sad so I pick him up and cuddle him for a good long while. He's so amazing and such a miracle.

The other thing is that I noticed that I've had insomnia for awhile now (I'm going to say about a week, maybe more). This really sucks but it's because of the Effexor withdrawals. I'm so very glad my psychiatrist actually listened to me about how I felt with the Effexor, that I'd rather not take it again, and then prescribing me Celexa. I'm going to start taking Celexa tomorrow, so it's going to go with all of my other medications to take and hopefully I don't forget any of them.

I'm wondering what I'll make for our breakfast tomorrow morning. I know that hubby will be gone to work early so I'll only have to "worry" about myself and our son (I quote worry because it's not really a worry, just persistent thinking). I think that my little man likes cream of wheat and I know that he likes scrambled eggs or pancakes, so I definitely have options. Then the other thing is lunch, so I can make him a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or something like that--it'll probably be something more substantial but I haven't thought of anything yet.

It's late now, in fact it's no longer Thursday (lol), so I'm going to go off to bed! Good night readers, sweet dreams!

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