Sunday, September 23, 2012

On a Separate Note

Recently, I was reading around on the internet and found some discussions about comfortable viewing/reading format and color. Reading these articles was one of the reasons I have changed the view of my blog once again. I don't want anyone to try to read my blog and their eyes get strained. Hopefully the new color isn't hard on your eyes.

Other than that recent, obvious change, today my hubby and I spent some time with our son. We were so happy to get a few hours with his cute little self. I switched him to cloth diapers for the few hours, just so that we didn't waste the disposable diapers my aunt packed in his diaper bag. I can always wash a cloth diaper, so it's no big deal. The little guy was trying to walk around the living room, to show off. I am so proud of him, he was able to take several steps between hubby and I. Then, he would get excited when he would successfully reach either one of us and we would clap and cheer for him. I also played some music for him, he was being very cute and dancing to the beat. He didn't whine or throw a tantrum, it was great, he is such a good child. I am very proud of all the progress he's made over the course of his short life.

We took our son to McDonald's for a little while, something very cheap and easy to eat for lunch/dinner. I ordered his food no salt, there's already so much sodium in all of that food that I didn't want to pile on any more. Also, got him some water, which he enjoyed--he's so cute--and he ate an entire hamburger (no salt or pickles). He was playing with french fries too, which was funny, there was a big mess on the floor.

After he went back to my aunts, hubby and I spent time relaxing and watching a movie. This was a great weekend, we had so much fun. It's so rare for days like this to happen, it's so worth writing it out to save as a reminder and inspiration.

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