Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Might get my son back soon

My OT and I are working on bringing our son back home. This weekend will be the start of it, which I'm excited about. Since hubby is off on the weekends, I should feel more comfortable watching our son, especially since we are going to try one overnight. At first I was thinking that I should be fine with overnights from Friday until Sunday but that may be too much for me. My OT even said that we should take it slow and just do one overnight and see how it goes.

I'm so excited. I know that the last time we had him overnight, I got really stressed out, was not prepared for it at all and nowhere near ready. Hubby is actually quite nervous about getting our son overnight this weekend, he doesn't want me to yell or argue or be mean like what happened last time. I don't know how else to tell him that last time was different from this time, that I'll be prepared now and I actually know what's going on, completely different from what happened last time. I should be fine. I know that I'll be having him all day Saturday, then he will be staying overnight until Sunday and we will probably keep him for a good part of Sunday, too.

Hopefully the better I do with these overnights, the quicker we can bring our son home.

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