Sunday, September 23, 2012

Have to Set and Keep a Schedule

Last week, my occupational therapist (OT) was happy that I have a set goal to get my son back as soon as possible. She did recommend that I try and stick with my schedule so that I show improvement and that I can be and am responsible. I understand where she's coming from, how comfortable would any healthcare provider be if they let a patient take on a responsibility that they have the potential of failing. I know that during the week, after we wrote down "things to do", that I didn't keep to it. I ended up doing different things, that to me were "more important". I was supposed to walk for an hour once a day, to a specific place (hubby's work, the mall or the library). Instead, I cleaned the apartment again, filled out a FAFSA and applied for college. I also made a few calls to different colleges to double-check and confirm some information. My OT said that what I did was relevant and important but not what was on the schedule. Those things may be important, but I should have explained what I wanted to do instead of writing out random, unimportant things.

This next week, hopefully I can come up with things that I'm willing to follow through on. I would hate to fail every week, I want my son back soon, I need to focus and try harder. I'm not sure of everything that I want to do this week, though. Before my accident, I didn't come up with specific things to do each day, I just did what I wanted on a whim. I would write out things that were important that I needed to get done, like: appointments, when bills are due, work schedules, etc. I supposed that worked before my accident, but now I need to plan and write things out or I may forget.

Maybe this week will be a great change and I'll be able to get him much sooner than my OT believes.

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