Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I have noticed that I've been feeling better recently, much better than I was feeling from April to August. (Which, I kind of noted in my Insomnia post.) I started taking Effexor about four weeks ago, just ran out yesterday and had to wait until tonight for my refill and resume taking them regularly. I didn't know how well it has improved my mood, feelings and emotions. Apparently, other people have noticed my mood change--for the good, which is pretty positive--and asked what changes have been made that I'm suddenly more awake, motivated and positive. I explained the Effexor, I was neither positive or negative about it's affects, because I hadn't even noticed. Well, it was pointed out to me today and I am, again, amazed.

Ever since I was discharged from the hospital, I've been wanting to clean our apartment. Just a natural, homebody type feeling, but I had no motivation or drive to follow through. I have cleaned the apartment once during my recovery, I want to say in July. For the past two weeks I've been wanting to clean, but by the time I feel motivated to start, it's already evening. For those nights I just let it go, I don't really like cleaning past 3PM. I have been waiting to wake up feeling like cleaning, even after I finish my morning routine.

Thankfully, yesterday I finally woke up feeling like cleaning and very motivated. By the time I finished my morning routine, I still wanted to clean. I deep cleaned the entire apartment before my hubby came home from work. I felt and still feel so refreshed after completely cleaning down the apartment. I didn't take any breaks either. By the time I finished I was awake and not at all exhausted, like I expected I would be. So surprised, that to me, marks a big improvement in my recovery.

Even today, I only got exhausted enough for a nap about three hours after coming home from the hospital. I didn't get much sleep last night. I wasn't able to fall asleep before 2 or 3AM and had to wake up early, about 6AM to be ready for the transportation vehicle to go to the hospital. I am completely surprised at how awake I feel today.

I think that all these positive, motivated, awake, etc. feelings are kind of due to the Effexor. I can't really say one way or the other if it's all purely from recovery or from Effexor--it might even be half Effexor, half recovery. Either way, I'm glad I'm feeling so much better.

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