Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Plan is in Motion

According to my therapists and PM&R doctor, I'm recovering really well. They are quite impressed by how much better I am now compared to my first appointments and evaluations. Yay for encouraging health care team! I asked them what they thought about starting the process of transitioning back to caring for my son more often/full time. They are quite optimistic!

The suggestion is to have someone with me while I watch him for a few hours a day/every other day and increase the time until I'm fully recovered and having him is as easy as it was before. I think I can do that. I'm very afraid to watch him by myself because of the potential for seizures--which is a lifelong thing, post TBI. I don't want to have a seizure, pass out or forget to turn off the stove/oven while watching him on my own.

I have several things still limiting me now: I have trouble with words, talking fluidly, concentrating and forgetting things (like turning off the burner). My therapists have worked with me and I'm trying to write things down and set alarms so that I can work around these things. I'm excited I'm doing better, I really want to try handling/watching my son again.

I think it should work fine. My friend will let me stay with her while I try and experiment with this so that I'm not alone while watching him. At least things seem to look like they're starting to look up.

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