Friday, August 31, 2012

Taking a Break

I'm taking a break from watching him this weekend, it's Labor Day (?) or Memorial Day (?), I'm not sure. Anyway, Daddy is off for the Holiday on Monday so I'm spending the weekend just him and me.

I miss my son, he's such a cute baby and so fun. I was able to take him to his physical therapy appointment this week and his therapist is happy at all of the progress he's making. I also got a form to fill out and turn in so that I can access his medical information online for him, until he's 18. I'll probably let him take control of it sooner, as soon as I feel he's responsible enough for it. Certainly will give him full control of it at 18 though. I can't wait to watch him again next week, we have appointments but it should be fine.

I just got all of my medications yesterday and started up on what I've missed this past week, which is good. I'm feeling better, not as negative as I was before the Effexor. I'm confident that this antidepressant is helpful and the psychotherapy will work so that I'm not as depressed as I've been.

Daddy is also taking his medicines and I'm trying to make sure that he's doing as good as possible. I feel so bad that he's tired all the time. Naps help him but I know it's frustrating because it's like he's missing out on doing things.

But, I'm going to go to bed because it's getting late and sleep's good for me.

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