Saturday, August 4, 2012


I have my current squishy right now, but I want another squishy. I've been wanting another squishy since our son was born! Obviously, I knew it would be a minimum 6 weeks before TTC and obviously we don't have another squishy even in the making right now. But darn it, I want another squishy!

I don't know who to complain to about this, ha ha. I've talked to hubby about it and even got advice from my OB, because of my injuries. I was told that I have to wait at least one year after I'm completely healed from my pelvic fracture (which would affect pregnancy and birth). Hubby agrees that we should wait, like my OB. I do get it, I understand. That knowledge still doesn't alleviate my want for another squishy.

Here, is another reason why I would like this recovery to hurry the heck up!

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