Friday, July 27, 2012

Yay for Refills!

I was finally able to get Amantadine filled and picked up by Thursday and my first dose was this morning. I'm excited to be taking it again, I wasn't feeling too off for the last two weeks while I waited for the approval and when I could pick it up. It probably would have been fine to discontinue it but I'm going to stick with what my PM&R doctor recommended and stay on it until she feels comfortable with my recovery enough to let me trial off of it again. This medication is supposed to help with the chemicals in my brain while I recover. To me, obviously, it works because my confusion and inability to comprehend some things went away within a few days of restarting Amantadine.

I've felt better this entire week, I don't know if that is from being off of Amantadine or because my recovery is actually quite noticeable. I feel like I can do most of the things I did before the accident, but I also feel like my thought processes and energy need to improve much more. I think I need to take my time and test my limits, slowly. Like, wanting to get my son back, I need to have trial periods with caring for him for extended periods. I may get too fatigued, too quickly while I watch son so I really need to work on my endurance. As healthy as sleep is for me right now, since REM sleep is restorative and healing, I don't think I should take too much advantage of the fatigue I feel. The more I try to stay awake during the day, working on helpful, achieving goals, the better. I would need to take breaks and even short naps during this process but I believe that the more I work on my endurance, the better.

I'm looking forward to the next couple of months since I have plenty of appointments every week, which means everyday I'm healing for the better.

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