Thursday, July 19, 2012

While I Was Admitted in the Hospital

From what I have been told, the time span from when I came out of my coma until April 20th, I wasn't coherent so I don't remember anything that I had said but I did say some pretty off-the-wall stuff.

With my husband, I told him what street I was on which is the same street as the hospital is on and I was "getting out of there" and "going home". I also told him a lot of nonsensical things that really didn't make any sense like "Am I allowed to live in the old man" and "I don't have any food, they ran out of food".

While I was incoherent, I must have given the nurses, nurse aides and sitters problems because I found restraints in my nightstand when I was packing up for discharge. It's understandable that I was hard to deal with, in the state that I was in, apparently many if not all brain injury patients act aggressively, mean, disobedient and just bad.

I'm sure it was terrible watching over me those few weeks. When my aunts brought my son to visit me, I was getting up and walking around even though I was not supposed to put any weight on my fractured pelvis. Then, I would play with my son as if there was nothing wrong and treat him like a newborn infant but he was 9 months old. Obviously having my son there made me subconsciously want to go home and everything be normal again--which is bad for inpatient recovery. So, the nurses asked that he not come by anymore because I would be more trouble to them than it would be worth.

Some of the things I remember or was told about while I was admitted are just weird.

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  1. When my dad woke up from his coma he said some weird things too.

    "There's a lion in the room. Why is there a lion in the room."

    He also insisted it was raining INSIDE his room, asked for his first wife (he's only been married once) and spoke only Spanish the first few days.