Friday, July 20, 2012

Waiting, Nervous

I've been out of Amantadine since Thursday, July 12, 2012. The last time I stopped taking it as a test or experiment, I was becoming confused more often, overwhelmed, dizzy and not understanding people that were talking to me. After a week of experiencing those feelings, I talked with my PM&R doctor and she suggested taking Amantadine again. I refilled and took the medicine until 7/12/2012 when I ran out.

I've been nervous about experiencing those feelings again. I know that I haven't been having those feelings overwhelmingly this week, that doesn't reassure what could happen. I'm waiting for the doctor that replaced my PM&R's partner to renew my prescription. The medication requires contacting the physician if I run out and would like a refill. Why has it been five days since asking for the refill and I get no response?

Great, not only are my thought processes whacked out, now I have to be worried about the feelings I may experience being off of Amantadine.

Thanks, doc.

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