Sunday, July 22, 2012

This Weekend...

My husband and I have been seeing our son frequently since my discharge, because my aunts are awesome and know that we love our son and can't stand not being near him. This weekend, we didn't see him--not because we didn't want to and not because my aunts couldn't bring him--my husband and I were tired and I was sick with a cold. I miss my son! Hopefully, next weekend we'll be able to see son.

Also, a doctor called me to say that he submitted my refill for Amantadine. He has never looked over my case so wasn't sure about the refill and suggested I contact my PM&R doctor that has been looking over my case. (Thanks, doc.) I have to wait until Tuesday to pick up my prescription since that's the earliest day I have an appointment at the hospital and they provide free rides to and from appointments.

I can't stop my addiction to either, I've been scouring the pages and pinning things that I like. I'm also looking for things as inspiration or potential "future purchases" since my GF is pregnant and I'm so excited for her!!!!

Even though time does move fast...this recovery needs to speed itself up and money needs to start rolling in because I have so many plans and ideas to accomplish!


  1. I am just going to comment on a singurlar post instead of all of them, but I did read all of them. First of all, the fact that you are making this blog is AMAZING! You are such a strong person to be able to write down all your thoughts and feelings and put them into the blogisphere.
    TBI is something I learned about in a few college courses, watched a few shows on and has always been a very scary thing to me! What you are doing in trying to overcome it is so brave. Although you may want to work, or go to college, and take care of Pumpkin, your body is doing so much work and heeling internally that it needs the rest! I know you have never been the type of person to sit still but it's what your body needs to do! I think crafting (like the different projects from pinterest) would be a great idea!!!
    As far as Pumpkin goes. I would not worry about him resenting you. It is horrible that you had to miss out on so many milestones but by taking the time to rest and recover you will be there for the milestones that HE will remember (like his first bike ride and his first day of school). You are his mother. You there to hold him and bond with him when he was very young, you carried him in your body for 9 months, and he will always look to you as an amazing mother (except for maybe during the teenage years but tahts the hormones :)) He will not be able to remember this time but by keeping this blog he can be reminded of what a strong person his mother was to recover from what most would not have.
    I feel like there are so many more things I want to tell you but I am afraid I am sounding more like I am preaching then just sharing. Even on the days you are sad, or tired, or frustrated, your body is recovering and things will get better one day. I am sorry I have not been in contact with you since I came to visit you (which I hope was okay) I realized I have no way to contact you and I wasn't sure if you wanted me contacting you.
    Please keep posting and I promise all of my responses will not be so long! If you need ANYTHING let me know! I also promise that what is said will stay between me and you (and no one else),


    1. Everything you do, did and will do is okay :) I heart you, Anna. I appreciate you read this whole thing, I figure it's a bunch of babble but it helps me get out my thoughts, feelings and accomplishments.
      I don't mind any comment being any length, or preachy :)
      Thanks for reading, understanding and being awesome!