Monday, July 23, 2012

Taking Life in Stride.

I wonder how many people know me, how many people read this, how many people judge me...Thinking that for some reason what they think and feel is really relevant in the scheme of things. Here I am, wondering how many people think I lie, how many people believe second hand information, how many people really don't like me--here I am wondering about the talk, the judgements--the things that don't really matter more than my recovery and health, to me. Most of all, I wonder why the zombie apocalypse is coming to my general vicinity, trying to eat my brains.

Today, my plans were chillax on the interwebz, clean the apartment, do my PT exercises and maybe go buy some bread since we're out. What did I do? Heh, I chillaxed on the interwebz and cleaned the apartment. Hubby told me to stay in since it'll be hot today so I guess we can go a few more days without bread, ha ha. PT exercises? I should do those.

I miss my son, hopefully we'll see him this weekend. Have a good day, readers, time to go accomplish some mad awesome stuff.

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