Thursday, July 19, 2012

Roommates and Sitters at the Hospital

I don't remember too much specifically, especially not so much while I was incoherent. What I do remember is my first and only roommate and a couple of the sitters that watched over me during this time.

The Roommate

She was an elderly lady who was not all there upstairs, I think she had dementia. This woman thought I was a guy and always offered her food to me even though I was on breathing machines and being fed through stomach tubes.

I remember her having a few visitors, one an elderly man, one a younger/middle-aged man and one older/middle aged woman. I think that the younger people were her children and the elderly man was either her boyfriend or brother. I remember the younger man correcting her and yelling at her. Then the younger woman talked to the elderly lady nicely, just like the elderly man.

She was getting discharged soon, but our personalities basically clashed even though I was on tubes and couldn't talk. I knew I didn't really like her but I did feel bad that she was demented and poorly treated by that young man. The nursing staff and doctors decided that was the last roommate I would ever be "forced" to room with.

The Sitters

I had a few sitters and they basically watched over me to make sure I didn't get up and put weight on my pelvis or die.

One sitter was a complete moron, didn't pay attention to my suffering from choking on mucus due to the tracheotomy, he was always on his phone. The nurse that was watching over my case would check on me ever 10-15 minutes just to make sure this guy didn't fuck up and I die.

The other sitters, from what I was told and can kind of remember were better.

I remember having dreams about the CNAs and sitters that watched over me. A lot of the dreams involved talk shows like Oprah, Jerry Springer and Maury. Many of the dreams were about the sitters or CNAs family being in the hospital--in a section that was considered a nursing home, even though nothing like that exists in the hospital--and I would be helping the CNAs or sitters with packing up their family's belongings because they were being discharged.

I also had dreams that the room I was in was the back-break room of a Wal*Mart/Sam's Club/Target store. The beds in the break room (yep, that's right there were beds and no tables with chairs) were hospital beds, there were IVs and monitors. The hallway outside of the break room was dark and I didn't know exactly where it led to. In these dreams, it was the same CNA and for some reason I kept dreaming she was getting upset at my erratic behavior and kept putting "glove" hand-restraints on me.

The very first dream I had, while I was comatose, was in a hospital room. This room was not just a hospital room but also a children's karate self defense room and spine/backbone recovery room (completely nonexistent in the actual hospital). I dreamed that there were 3 nurses and CNAs watching over me and I was being taken and transferred to different rooms.

It's funny that a lot of all of this actually happened, but it happened while I was incoherent and high on the pain killers they were pumping me with.

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