Monday, July 23, 2012

My Fears of Pregnancy

My husband and I want more babies and boy will it be exciting when we start trying and have another beautiful squish to care for. As much as we want babies though, I'm taking Amantadine and am healing from a fractured pelvis. At minimum, we have to wait a year before having more babies.

I was researching what Amantadine causes during pregnancy and I think it said "class C", recommended not taking during pregnancy, causes heart problems (like with formation). Then getting pregnant now, the process and then birth would be dangerous--my pelvis could break further--and I might have to undergo a c-section.

So, I'm worried about potential birth defects, c-section and breaking my pelvis further (sad face). We're not trying, but accidents happen so I'm hoping that the test comes out negative when I take it...

Update 7/27/2012:
Yay for negative pregnancy tests! (for now, while I recover, ha ha)

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