Monday, July 30, 2012

Best Visit

Yesterday was awesome, we got to watch our son from noon until about 10:30PM. I'm proud of myself, I noticed that I am feeling much better now than I was even just a couple of weeks ago. Seriously, it was noticeable. Previously when we had him for a long time, I was getting too fatigued, irritable, annoyed--really just not able to function properly, behavioral-wise. Yesterday, I had an excellent time with my son. I didn't mind his natural whining or crying, that babies do since they can't tell you what they need. I was excited to have him with us the whole time, the whole visit I was just focused on him.

He has been saying "Dada" and "Nanana-na na" a lot recently and it is so cute, especially when he's calling for or talking to his daddy. I'm so proud of how much he's learned in these past 4-5 months, it's amazing how smart he is. He likes to stand up, try and walk and climb on hubby and I. I'm excited to see him start to walk, he tries so hard.

My aunt, husband and I are planning his first birthday. That's really exciting, I'm so happy his birthday is in the summer months so that we can have the party outdoors. We're hoping that the weather holds up and it's not raining by then. I bought cake mixes but I need cake pans so that I can make his birthday cake. I'm planning on giving him his own personal mini-cake so that he can dig in to it and have a blast. All of my friends are very excited about the birthday, they love my son so much and want to celebrate it with him.

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  1. I'm glad you and daddy had a good visit with pumpkin. It sounds like you are getting stronger- i bet pretty soon you'll be up for overnights. keep up the good work mama.

    Amanda (BBC- mandalynn0)