Monday, July 23, 2012


I couldn't sleep earlier so I came back out to surf the interwebz but now I'm tired so I'll be going to bed after posting this. The reason I decided to make this random post is because I was going through and saw a bunch of craft rooms (which are really cool and by-golly I want one!).

What I'm thinking is that hubby and I are going to have to buy a house somewhere that has a minimum of 4 bedrooms, a full finished basement, family room, living room, bathrooms, dining room, eat in kitchen, study---etc, you get the point. I want a freaking craft room!! I know that hubby will want a media/entertainment/game room type ManCave. I'll want a laundry room and a study for my books. So, I'm thinking a full finished basement will meet his criteria for a ManCave and I can just use one of the "spare" bedrooms for a craft room.

Now, obviously I want a minimum of three kids and I know that he's willing for just one more (which would make two). I don't think that I can bring myself to have the six kids I was initially hoping for just one and a half years ago. I know that even if we do go "all out" and have those three kids I want, we'll probably need more than 4 bedrooms just so that there's a spare for my craft room.

Why would I want a craft room, one might ask??? Well, I love crafting! I can sew, I have 3 sewing machines, I can knit, crochet, needlepoint, latch hook, sculpt. Dang it, I can craft! I'd love a craft room just so that I can have storage for the yarn, fabric and tools I am bound to use. I need a good sturdy table for measuring, cutting and designing fabrics for what ever it is I want to craft. I know that I can keep a yarn basket in the living room or by whatever chair I choose to do my knitting or crocheting--that would be comfortable and ideal. But, darn it, I want a craft room and storage!

I came back on here to post this because I keep coming up with things I want or want to do or say--things that I think about but then forget (Boo!). I'm glad I wrote this all up though, when I come back again later today I can read what I wrote and make out some good solid plans. The one thing I know that I'm going to have to accomplish before any of this is college and a good paying job because how else would I afford the gigantic mansion I just listed?

Like I said, there's a lot I want and need to do so this recovery needs to hurry the heck up!

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