Thursday, July 19, 2012


Also known as Symmetrel, it is a medication for people with Parkinson's Disease. I have take 100mg of Amantadine 1/day for my brain injury, it alleviates my confusion more than anything. It's interesting I have to take Amantadine in the morning, at about 7AM because it is a brain stimulator and would prevent me from sleeping if I took it at any time past 10AM.

Two or three weeks after my discharge, I discussed with my PM&R doctor about discontinuing it and she said that it's worth a trial and if I or my family notice any mental changes I can restart Amantadine again. 1 week after discontinuing Amantadine, I started feeling significant confusion, becoming overwhelmed by busy sights and noises, getting headaches and dizzy. That was a horrible week and realization for me. I contacted my doctor to ask about what I was experiencing and she suggested again to start taking Amantadine again.

I just ran out of my refill for this medication last Thursday and sent  a renewal request just yesterday because it seemed to be helping quite a lot and I am nervous to go without it again. I haven't noticed any significant changes since Thursday but I'll never be too sure until I "check it out" at the store and look at the shelves and aisles of merchandise. Only then will I know if I start becoming overwhelmed and dizzy. I noticed slight dizziness yesterday and now while I work on my computer but I won't be too sure until it starts bothering my daily activities and life.

Hopefully I get the refill today and can pick it up while I'm at the hospital.

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