Thursday, July 19, 2012


I acquired my brain injury on Thursday, March 29, 2012. I was leaving work at 7:40PM and pulled off of the side street onto the main street at 7:45PM. The side street is posted at 25MPH and the main street is posted at 35MPH. Anyone with a bit of common sense would think that it's obvious someone should follow the driving laws and posted speed limits. Under that assumption, I pulled off of the side street thinking the oncoming vehicle was traveling at 35MPH and at a far enough distance (at the posted speed) that I would not have any problems. Little did I know he was going 65MPH.

He T-Boned my car, hitting me full force in the driver's side door, fracturing my left pelvic ring, breaking my #11 left rib and causing a subdural hemorrhage that led to a subdural hematoma. With these significant injuries, I also sustained cuts, scrapes and bruises caused by shattered glass and significant blunt force.

We were both injured and sent to the same trauma hospital. He was discharged the following day with minor injuries and I remained in the hospital until 05/04/2012. When I arrived at the hospital, according to my medical records I was awake and responsive with deteriorating mental faculties. I lost consciousness and remained in a coma for one week.

The hospital performed a tracheotomy, inserted a bolt into my skull to relieve bleeding pressure (which I ripped out as soon as I was "awake" from my coma--was not coherent), they also catheterized me and kept me in ICU then the brain/spinal cord injury floor. I continued inpatient therapies from the time I was awake and could physically go until 05/04/2012 when I was discharged. Being discharged, I now continue outpatient therapies, every other day of every week until my doctors and therapists agree that I can discontinue and go back to work, with an almost normal life.

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